Villa Faro Durbuy

Holiday homes for rent in Durbuy - Suites with spa

Holiday home for rent with swimming pool, spacious sauna, jacuzzi, fire bowl and BBQ
Together with Chalet Faro, Villa Faro is one of the two holiday homes of Faro Durbuy, which you can rent with wellness facilities: a heated private outdoor pool, a spacious sauna and a hot spring Jacuzzi with panoramic views. Book now directly from the owners Fanny and Ronald your relaxing wellness holiday in the Ardennes with friends or family.

Rent a holiday home with Jacuzzi in Durbuy

Louer une maison de vacances dans les Ardennes avec jacuzzi 

Le jacuzzi de la maison de vacances est un bain chauffé à une température d'environ 36-37°C. Les bulles sont formées dans le bain au moyen de bulles d'air, qui s'élèvent de diverses ouvertures dans le fond et sur les côtés du spa. Des jets d'eau sont également utilisés pour renforcer les bulles d'air.

Les clients peuvent profiter de l'eau bouillonnante dans le jacuzzi de la Villa Faro. Les jets assurent le massage de tous vos muscles, de sorte que vous êtes complètement détendu après avoir pris un bain chaud. Le soir, l'éclairage LED du jacuzzi crée une atmosphère particulière. Cela vous donne un sentiment de détente merveilleuse, qui peut vous aider à surmonter un peu de stress. 

Temps en famille et entre amis dans le spa

Un grand bain à bulles rempli d'eau chaude est parfait pour créer, améliorer, construire et maintenir des relations. La famille est importante dans nos vies. Afin d'influencer positivement cette relation, les parents peuvent prendre un jacuzzi avec leurs enfants. Nos amis sont aussi importants ! Détendez-vous ensemble dans le jacuzzi, rattrapez le temps perdu et terminez le tout en allumant le barbecue ! 

Rent a holiday home with private heated outdoor pool

Do you think that's a wonderful prospect, too? That you can take a refreshing dip in the pool at any time during your holiday? The pool at Villa Faro is completely private and heated to 25°C (as outdoor temperature > 15°C). Children will enjoy themselves at the pool while you read your book under the parasol. If you are travelling with a group of friends, a swimming pool is perfect for having fun, for catching up, for enjoying the sunshine. 

The pool at Villa Faro is available and heated from May 1st to September 30th. Next to the pool there is a sun terrace and sun loungers at your disposal to relax and get a tan.

Relax in the panoramic sauna of Villa Faro

Rent a holiday home in the Ardennes with a sauna wtih view

Villa Faro Durbuy has recently received a new addition: a panoramic barrel sauna with breathtaking views. This sauna is not only pleasing to the eye, but also pleasing to the body. It is the perfect place to relax after a day full of activities.

Made of durable cedar wood, the sauna can accommodate two people at a time. The design is based on traditional Finnish barrel saunas, but with a modern twist. The curved glass panels offer panoramic views of the surrounding nature, while the LED lighting adds an extra dimension to the experience.

The barrel sauna features a sauna heater that can raise the temperature up to 80 degrees Celsius. It is also possible to pour water on the stones to increase humidity, making the sauna even more effective for relaxing muscles and improving circulation.

The location of the sauna is perfectly chosen: on a hill near the villa, overlooking the valley. It is not hard to imagine how wonderful it must be to sit in the sauna and enjoy the view. So it is no surprise that this new addition almost immediately became a favourite among Villa Faro Durbuy guests.

In short, the panoramic barrel sauna is an absolute must-try for anyone looking for a unique and relaxing experience. Whether you are looking for a romantic escape with your partner, or just want to relax during a family holiday, this sauna is the perfect place. Come and enjoy the fantastic views while the heat of the sauna relaxes your muscles and calms your mind.

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Fire bowl and BBQ

Holidays naturally include a traditional summer barbecue, the perfect opportunity to enjoy a tasty meal whether or not accompanied by a few drinks. Villa Faro has a large BBQ for 8 people. Afterwards you can continue the evening around the open fire in the fire bowl.

A fire gives special warmth and atmosphere to the garden. Your evening at Villa Faro Durbuy will be even cozier with the stories of family and friends next to a crackling fire. Or maybe a song will be sung accompanied by a guitar? This will certainly make for evenings that will be talked about for a long time to come. 

Holiday house Villa Faro at night

The Holiday house in the Ardennes is at night very nicely lit.  The blue lights of the swimming pool and the leds of the spa will guarantee the most charming and romantic evenings in Villa Faro Durbuy. PS Photos with the new terrace will come soon